Bringing the promise of AAM to transportation markets across Japan

An idea whose time has come

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Air taxis and small-scale air cargo is an idea that goes back many years. Now, thanks to an intersection of technology developments, new business models, and mounting societal challenges, it is becoming a reality. AAM will soon deliver dramatically better ways to move passengers and cargo.

AAM in Japan

Japan’s geography has always brought challenges for transportation. And now demographic trends are driving intense demand for innovative solutions throughout the world’s third largest economy. We are helping to deploy the infrastructure and systems to bridge these challenges with electric aviation.

For AAM sponsors

We offer AAM sponsors independent advice based on their needs. With no interest in infrastructure development or a single aircraft OEM, we can offer unbiased counsel on what best suits a sponsor’s goals. We bring together and integrate all the elements, based on what’s best to meet use case needs.

For aircraft OEMs and other suppliers

The Japanese market can be hard to break into. For aircraft OEMs and other AAM suppliers targeting the Japan market we provide support for certification and a ready go-to-market path.

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