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The back-end for advanced air mobility service sponsors

We help regional authorities and mid-size operators in Japan to build AAM services. We bring together all the elements of AAM from aircraft to ground infrastructure, and provide training services and even design of the business strategy.

Aircraft selection and procurement
eVTOL and eSTOL aircraft optimally suited to local mobility goals

Pilot and related training services
Preparing the AAM workforce

Test site with full operational infrastructure
ADS-B surveillance, UTM and related traffic management, low altitude micro-weather surveillance and information services and more

Vertiport infrastructure integration
Operations management, traffic management, airspace surveillance, micro-weather sensing and data to enable safe and economical operations

Business development services
Support for regional governments, tier 2 operators, and other sponsors to design their AAM services

For aircraft OEMs and other AAM suppliers

We are partnering with the world’s leading AAM providers to stand up world-class AAM services in Japan.

The Japanese market can be hard to break into. For aircraft OEMs, vertiport infrastructure suppliers, digital infrastructure suppliers and others in the AAM ecosystem targeting the Japan market, we improve time-to-market and provide a path to the AAM sponsors we serve.

uniquely deep ecosystem understanding

certification support

ready path to market

How can we help you in Japan?

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